Forbes article: Can Chilean Wine Be As Good As Bordeaux? 

By: Marketing VIK
12 July , 2020

Mike and Jeff were one of the last press visits hosted at VIK before COVID-19 stopped the world. Planned 8-months in advance the trip did not disappoint. They gave rave reviews to the massage therapists, the architecture, the opera-singing waiter, the chef - and last but perhaps most importantly, the wine.

The wine and travel writers travel the world visiting the best vineyards, tasting in the most historied cellars, and meeting the artisans behind the world's best wines. In hosting this talented couple VIK joined the pantheon of wineries from the world's finest denominations of origin. 

Link to the complete Forbes article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/theworldwineguys/2020/06/30/can-chilean-wine-be-as-good-as-bordeaux-ask-winemaker-cristian-vallejo/#1516e9d43009